Alcatel Idol 5

Обзор смартфона Alcatel IDOL 5

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Bluetooth Beacon

Piper + Cisco Meraki BLE Beacon Solutions

Piper Networks provides cost-effective location awareness solutions using an adaptable, multipurpose platform and proximity hardware, like BLE Beacons. Piper also develops custom mobile apps for any enterprise need and integrates with existing applications and infrastructure, including Meraki Access Points, which are visible BLE locations in the Piper dashboard. Just select AP, add content, collect data, […]

Bluetooth Beacon

Bluetooth Beacons 101 With Radius Networks

Radius Networks’ Chief Engineer, David Helms gives you a quick 90 second run down of Bluetooth Beacon technology. From the types of beacons, to range and limitations to popular use cases and privacy considerations, this is the perfect explanation for understanding beacons quickly and simply. For more information Visit source

Bluetooth Beacon | Beacons Demystified

Bluetooth beacons continue to get a lot of press in tech circles and the topic is spreading quickly through the world of digital marketing. However, in chatting with people about beacons, I find there are still some misconceptions around how exactly beacons work and what they can and cannot do. source