Alcatel Idol 5

Unboxing the Alcatel Idol 5S (Amazon Prime Edition)

Finally! Alex unboxes the most premium Amazon Prime Exclusive phone. This is the start of a new age for affordable Smartphones! Buy From Amazon [Associate]: Related Videos Alcatel Idol 5S Review: Alcatel A30 Review: Alcatel A30 Unboxing: Moto G4 Review: —————————————————————– Tweets by SypnoTech source

Bluetooth Beacon

Unboxing and testing bluetooth iBeacon devices

Experience the most advanced Proximity Marketing and iBeacon Platform – We have just received iBeacons Development Preview Kit from Estimote, Poland. This cool new technology is going to be huge. Discover more interesting content about ibecons and proximity marketing at our Blog: MOCA is a mobile cloud marketing platform that turns any mobile […]

Bluetooth Beacon | Beacons Demystified

Bluetooth beacons continue to get a lot of press in tech circles and the topic is spreading quickly through the world of digital marketing. However, in chatting with people about beacons, I find there are still some misconceptions around how exactly beacons work and what they can and cannot do. source

Bluetooth Beacon

Home Automation using BLE Beacons and Happy Bubbles

Happy Bubbles Store – Happy Bubbles RP3 Install Page – Happy Bubbles 3D Printed Enclosure – My Home Assistant Configuration – XY Find It Beacons – (what I use with the Happy Bubbles) TILE Beacons – (not compatible with Happy Bubbles) Yo, BLE beacons go by lots of names […]

Using Kodi

Kodi Exodus 2017 Secret fix to run like Netflix.VS#2 new link inside

Kodi Exodus 2017 fix to run like Netflix. New Wizard * ******Dont fall Prey to Copycats.******* ***********Disable kodi captcha in settings if you get any ads………………………………. Jack Bower Channel: Jack Bower on youtube * Please the other videos & Guides for educational Purposes only. * Kodi/XBMC is not affiliated with add-on/repos. Twitter: @jackbower2006 Newbie Guide: […]